Do you always want to be the first choice of each of your employees?

We promote training by improving internal talent and the Employee Experience

1. Orientation training

The initial training that is carried out for new employees is important, since it involves the attraction of the newcomer in the organization.

Vision, mission and values of the organization
Productivity objectives
Structure and history
Corporate Culture
Introduction to the activities
Important policies and procedures

2. Incorporation

It is vital that employees understand the methodology of work and adapt to it in a fluid and effective way. This training would be focused on ensuring regular training until the incorporation is completed.

3. Training on the product or service

Those who interact with customers need a deep knowledge of the service in order to be able to deal with any queries made by customers. Whenever new products/services are introduced, employees need to be trained to keep up with the latest developments.

Type of product/service
What it solves
What is its purpose?
Value Proposition

4. Technical training

To do his job, an employee needs technical skills. These skills help and enhance the employee to do his or her job as required. This method of training can help bring the employee up to date with the latest developments related to their work area and the technology used.

5. Social skills training

Apart from basic technical skills, employees need Soft Skills to be able to do their job in the best possible way. These skills help build the overall personality of the employee. It gives them the confidence to do their job well. This type of skill is the key to employee loyalty.

Communication Skills
Leadership skills
Time Management
Stress Management
Problem solving capabilities
Decision-making skills
Work ethics

6. Team Building

Another way to improve the employee experience is by organizing team building activities. It encourages teamwork, strengthens the relationship between colleagues and even with the leaders. It also allows employees to communicate and connect with people from different departments and create new experiences.

Benefits of QISDOM

Increase in productivity

Professionals who acquire new skills and abilities perform their work better and faster.

Increased competitiveness

The company that is up to date and ahead has better weapons to compete in the market.

Business profit growth

Due to the high degree of personalization of learning, it provides a differential value that translates into profitability.

Improvement of the company's image

Generating an innovative image for the market facilitates both the retention and attraction of new talent.

About us

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